3676 Delaware Drive, Fremont, CA, 94538
Temple Timings
Daily 7:30am to 9:00pm

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Facebook Live daily Archana & Yoga classes



Effective April 20th 2020

All these Live Archana & Puja via Facebook during COVID19

are available along with Free Yoga classes to release stress every day from

06.30 PM to 07.00 PM before Archana and Puja

Free Yoga classes will be conducted by our own 

Yoga Guru Ravi Parkash Lohmorh ji

Monday Shiv ji Archana and Puja COVID-19 @  7.00PM

Tuesday Hanuman ji Archana and Puja COVID-19 @ 7.00PM

Thursday Sai baba Archana and Puja COVID-19 @ 7.00 PM

Friday Laxmi Ma Archana and Puja COVID-19 @ 7.00 PM

Saturday Bala ji Archana and Puja COVID-19 @ Morning 10.30 AM

Sunday Jaganath ji  Archana and Puja COVID-19 @ Morning10.00 AM

Sunday Kali Ma Archana and Puja COVID-19 @ 7.00PM

 We know it is a stressful time for all of us and we do need to pray for our health and wellbeing. We have an online way of participating in some following Pooja’s specially for you and your family members for Health and prosperity .

Please book Archana for anyone in the family including your children’s remember to add your name, gotra and nakshatra details in the instruction link


or donate to Temple online in Hundi by clicking on this link


Priest prior to start of these Pooja’s will announce and do the sankalp for the names and gotra of the paid families.

You have the option to participate in following Pooja’s now:

These Pooja’s/Archana can be viewed daily on


This online Pooja’s for devotees will help the devotees as well as earn temple required revenues for paying salaries of priests, staff, maintenance, and other miscellaneous temple expenses.

Please support your temple at this time of crisis. With the grace of god and your support we will definitely pass through this tough time.

 Thanks __/\__

Temple Management





Virtual E-Pooja online for all Pooja needs during Shelter in Place

Virtual E- Pooja during the Shelter in Place @ Fremont Hindu Temple

Virtual Pooja and E-Darshan offered by Fremont Hindu temple to

help devotees through this time of coronavirus when they need to stay home.

Poojas performed
1. Navagraha Homam/Havan
2. Ganesh Pooja
3. Lakshmi Pooja
4. Sai Baba Pooja
5. Shiv Pooja
6. Birthday poojas
7. Shaard
Using the e-pooja services, devotees can avail the services of
booking a priest online at their convenience for any kind of
puja, ritual, ceremony and occasion.
All poojas will be performed elaborate and telecasted live to
the devotee who has requested for the services.
To reserve your Poojas click here https://paybee.io/quickpay.html?handle=vedic#optionList
Contact Information
Temple admin -  (510) 659-0655
(Leave a detailed message, our admins will call within 24 hrs)





Gayathri Jayanthi

Gayathri Jayanthi

Jyeshtaabhisekam for Lord Balaji

Jyeshtaabhisekam for Lord Balaji

9 am - 12 noon




3:30 - 4:30 PM  

Puja Begins

4:30 - 5:00 PM  

Pahandi of Deities to Snana Mandap, 

5:00 - 6:00 PM

Kalasha Sthapana & Shodashopachar Puja

6:00 - 7:00 PM  


7:00 - 7:45 PM  

Besha Change to Gajanana Besha & virtual Bhajan

7:45 - 8:15 PM  

Archana, Aarti & Prasad



 8:30 PM


Mata Ki Chowki

Mata Ki Chowki


6:00 PM  


6:15 - 7:00   PM  

Netrotsava, Naba Jaubana Darshan and  Puja

7:00 - 7:30 PM 

Pahandi of Deities to Temple




9:30 - 10:00   AM  

Shodashopachar Puja

10:00 - 11:00 AM  

Bhajan (Main Temple)

10:45 - 11:00 AM

Ratha Puja

11:00 - 11:45 AM  

Pahandi  to Ratha

11:45 - 12:45  PM  


12:45 - 1:15  PM 

Pahandi to Gundicha Mandira

1:15 - 1:30  PM 

Puja, Bhoga, Arati and Prasad

1:30  PM             

Preeti Bhoj (Tentative)

Feb 2020
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